‘Five’ -largo expressive

The fifth prelude (Largo expressive) is a retrospective and has elements of each of earlier themes.
It is a calm and steady rhythmical movement, ending in a motif suggestive of a chorale. The stillness hints at a different stillness, which may be the very source of our unrest..
The five pieces of poetry, joined with these piano preludes, have evocative images of atmosphere. They form a union with the preludes, with the words leading the music. The result is an attempt to capture the generic characteristics of atmosphere and emotion. Characteristics which are in turn enhanced by two individuals seeing themselves mirrored in each other.

With his 5 Preludes for Piano, Maarten van der Meiden was recently awarded with the ‘International Music Prize for Excellence in Composition 2011’ by the National Academy of Music..

Albatross and gulls, they fell apart into dark clouds of birds
criss-crossing the waves.
I stood on the sea shore and felt anxiety penetrate me


I looked for the origin in my heart but found it not;
my heart had walls, though they were perforated,
so the screeching of birds and vomiting waves on stone
beaches thrust through the thick wall.


I could see, within my minute existence,
the immense sea burning ahead of me,
waves eternally bashing the dikes with each tide,
with the ageless sound of unbiased sorrow

I fled to silence, but found it not there either;
my life, in spite of your merciful voice
it is restless and without meaning
and has been on repeat from its very beginning


After all the paths I took, I stand on land I once abandoned;
if not the hands of the One are to keep me safe,
where am I to go;
and where to find rest if not in Him?


– Jacob Johannes